A Visit to the Small Publisher’s Fair

I was lucky enough to attend the Small Publisher’s Fair at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, in London on Friday 16th November 2012. This is an annual event over two days organised by RGAP and brings together an interesting and diverse mix of small publishers and artists’ book makers.

This is an excellent opportunity for me to purchase artists’ books for the collection at Winchester School of Art Library. It is always interesting to be able to speak to the makers about their work. I’m pictured here at the stand of Mette Ambeck (and the photo is courtesy of Mette) and Mike Nicholson. We already have a strong collection of their work, including Mette’s prize winning book Steam salt milk: a Nordic creation myth, and Mike’s zines which we have been collecting for the last ten years.

Amongst the other artists that I met and bought new work from were,  John Dilnot, Sarah Bodman, Helen Douglas and RedFoxPress who are all well represented in the collection.

If you are interested in artists’ books I would recommend attending or even taking your own stand next year. In the meantime take time to come in and explore the collection. All of the books are searchable on WEBCat using the keyword ‘ARTISTS BOOKS’. Please contact Catherine Polley if you need any more information.