The Creative Alphabet

'The Inspiration' - Paul Smith: A to Z.

The Inspiration – Paul Smith: A to Z and Peter Blake’s Alphabet.

We have a new book display in the library which considers the theme of the creative alphabet, inspired by Paul Smith’s 2012 book ‘A to Z’ and Peter Blake’s ‘Alphabet’ (1991). So starting this month with ‘A is for Animals’ you will find a range of books from the library on display including Paula Rego animal paintings, textiles featuring animal designs, crocheted animals and the animal in photography. The aim of the display is to encourage students to seek inspiration from non-conventional sources and use an eclectic range of resources in their work.  The display can be found between libraries 1 and 2 and do keep coming back to see further interpretations of the creative alphabet.


Japanese packaging designs featuring shellfish.

Paul Smith's 'You can find inspiration in everything (and if you can't look again)' and Sarah Moon photographs.

Paul Smith’s ‘You can find inspiration in everything (and if you can’t look again)’ and Sarah Moon photographs.