World Book Day at WSA

Library stand in the Rotunda.

Catherine at the Library stand in the Rotunda.

It’s World Book Day and staff at WSA library have been taking part in various events. We have a table in the rotunda where items from the Artists’ books Collection are on display. There has been a lively atmosphere with student’s selling some of their work and various printing workshops taking place.

To celebrate  World Book Day, WSA Library staff have also each chosen a book from the collection and written a few words about why it is their favourite. These are on display in the book cabinets between libraries one and two. The selections include books that have made us laugh, and those that have influenced us and inspired us to be creative. Please come and take a look!

An exhibition, “Books by Artists” has also opened today in the City Space at Winchester Discovery Centre, curated by Linda Newington and Catherine Polley, and installed by members of Special Collections from Hartley Library. Nearly fifty items have been selected from the Artists’ Books Collection around a group of six themes, and includes works by former students. The exhibition is free entry and is open until 14 April 2013. Look out for a forthcoming blog post with more information about the exhibition.