Winchester School of Art Degree Shows 2014


Textile work in the foyer

At the end of June  Winchester School of Art held its final year degree show giving the students an opportunity to show their work to family, friends and visitors. As the shows move to various locations in London we reflect on what caught our eye this year.

 For the week the School became an art gallery where a feast of images, textures and sounds could be experienced making the whole site feel really alive and exhilarating.    The excitement levels increased daily, from the moment the students started hanging their pieces up to the private view and culminating in results day.

Students were on hand during the week to discuss their work and their future. The textile and fashion work looked stunning in the foyer and we really liked the way the graphics students chose to display their work, particularly the books in the reading room, but then that’s no surprise coming from the Library!   

We would like to highlight one particular student’s work that had a great impact on us.  That is the work of Claire Anscomb.





One of Claire Anscomb’s pieces

Claire takes her inspiration from the world around her by using photographs and archival ephemera which is done in a photo-realistic style using graphite.  She felt inspired by found photographs of her family particularly her grandfather who had served in the RAF in the second-world war.  The skill needed to render these images is breath-taking.  On Claire’s website she describes her work:-

“These photographs and words are a window to the mind of a past observer of life and in my work I am attempting to honour the memory of someone who is no longer with us but who had, as it transpires an incredible wealth of experience that I believe deserves to be explored and contemplated.”


We wish all the students the best of luck in all their future endeavours.