Encounter/Observation: A Solo Exhibition By Eve Dawson


Our very own Winchester Gallery (WSA Westside) is currently exhibiting ‘Encounter/Observation’, an exhibition by WSA MA Alumna, Eve Dawson. Eve is a visual artist who works with a variety of media and is currently exploring further into digital media.  The exhibition explores the relationship we have between self, time and space/location and is a personal exploration and journey of her time at WSA.

As I walked around the room, the images did take me on a journey. Eve has achieved photographic effects which give the image movement and speed – all with just her iphone! From choosing the right time and place and capturing the light and reflections in that particular moment, she produces an image which is raw in it’s technicality. By using reflections, shadows and bouncing light, she creates an image which is layered without technical manipulation. Eve finds depth and texture in landscape and places, as if it were a painting. Her photos show time and memories, whilst empty spaces contrast as silent, almost secretive from the busy, rush of movement and life in others. Eve said of the empty studio photos “there was so much time spent of creativity in these studios, as empty, cleared spaces again, I just thought ‘if only walls could talk!’”.


Winchester Gallery

Eve’s exhibition encompasses photography, paintings and video projection, which gives the viewer a range of interactions with her concept. I especially loved her photography with light and shadows giving the locations a memory footprint and a time lapse within an image. The photos of empty billboards where once was a message, a visual interaction, make a stark and cold impression with ‘life’ as ivy creeps through the cracks, along with faint faces beneath the layers of older pastings. Eve is drawn to contrasting colours found in places and is often led by the colour to create her work.

Eve Dawson - Copy

Pass The Way: Acrylics on canvas

‘Eve explores questions of our spatio-temporal identities and how they are developed and changed through chance encounters, asking questions about temporality and presence.’ – The Winchester Gallery.

Allan Kaprow’s text ‘The Blurring of Art and Life’ has been of importance to Eve’s work and I can’t help but be reminded of a quote of his I found influential myself, “the line between art and life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps as indistinct, as possible”, which Eve’s work certainly celebrates.

You can see Eve’s exhibition at the Winchester Gallery, Westside building, Winchester School of Art, up until 2nd October.

Eve has joined 15 other artists and designers based at ‘The Sorting Office’ in Eastleigh and is now part of the Recreate Project & Creative Eastleigh. To find out about more of her work visit evevdawson.carbonmade.com or follow her on Twitter @evevdawson.

Robynne Willowby, September 2014.