WSA Library Staff Get Creative Again With Their Christmas Cards!

Linda 2013

One of Linda’s watercolour cards from last year

Every year, the staff at WSA Library face the traditional challenge of hand making each other Christmas cards. It is a tradition which has been running for over 20 years and the cards are distributed at the staff Christmas meal with excitement and laughter. I have recently joined the team here at WSA Library and in my first week must have been informed at least five times about this tradition, with the advice I should start thinking about what I’d be making! I absolutely loved this quirky welcome and being involved in the community spirit the team here at the library have.

My messy, cheerful Rudolph!

My messy, cheerful Rudolph!

The last couple of months have seen comical suggestions, excited anticipation, secrecy of ideas and a handful of pressure panics! I even found myself stealthily browsing the various craft resources in Library 2!

Origami dove by Leisbeth

Origami dove by Liesbeth

Each year people’s talents and creative imaginations get to work from the simple and beautiful to the intricate and more complicated. I thought about origami reindeers – I didn’t think they looked ‘reindeer’ enough…I thought about something using handmade felt – my felting techniques need more work…I thought about painting something seasonal – I had a sudden lack of confidence! In the end I decided to go back to my pre-school days and looked at various hand printing ideas – not the technical kind… the messy kind!

Catherine's warm snowman!

Catherine’s warm snowman!

Some cards of the past have demonstrated our passion for knitting and crochet with Charlotte’s crocheted snowflake and Catherine’s knitted scarf on a snowman! From stamps, textiles and photography, to paint, recycled materials and collage; the handmade Christmas card tradition has always excelled expectations! So, what did 2014 have in store for us…

Noriko made beautiful buttons which she embroidered and pinned to some rough edge silk paper, along with a mini candy cane each!

Anne's Christmas cookie pocket!

Anne’s Christmas cookie pocket!

Anne made a heart shaped pocket out of wrapping paper, which was attached to the card with a homemade cinnamon biscuit inside! (I didn’t actually realise this until I got home! Thank you Anne, very yummy…nom, nom, nom!)

Catherine made Christmas crackers, personalised with our names and Liesbeth cut cute little stockings with blanket stitch edging.

Clare's pop-up tree

Clare’s pop-up tree

Judith, Harriet, Clare and Charlotte all went with a Christmas tree theme using collage, textiles, pop-up techniques and Charlotte even made a dangling wire tree jewellery piece for each of hers.

Judy and Linda used watercolours and glitter for a sparkly, colour feast, whilst Bren went for a sophisticated use of spray paint with an abstract, tree stencil design.

Without doubt though, this year’s winner was Ruth, who trumped us all with her card/tree decoration. A silver square with ‘Merry 394.268’ = Merry Christmas (the number being the Dewey Decimal classification number for Christmas!), which unfolded and came together as a 3D star decoration!

Ruth's beautiful star decoration

Ruth’s beautiful star decoration

So this is our last blog for 2014! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all here at WSA Library. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter still and we look forward to posting again in 2015!

You can see all our 2014 cards on display in our noticeboard, outside the entrance to the library.

Robynne Willowby, December 2014