Christmas at WSA Library!



Christmas has arrived at WSA Library, with the tree taking pride of place in our new Welcome Area.

Across the school there’s festive sparkle and cheer spreading, and the WSA Café’s getting in the Christmas spirit with their window message facing across campus. The last day of term saw ‘The Event’, a Christmas procession and performance by the students & their lecturers. Costumed up in tinsel, glitter and lights, they processed across the school playing instruments made from upcycled materials, leading into a performance, drinks and nibbles.










We went for our staff Christmas meal on Thursday at The Corner House, Winchester. A beautiful & unique café/restaurant with it’s own homely style, warm colours and fairy lights giving some Christmas sparkle. A magical setting indeed. Our yearly tradition of hand-making our Christmas cards, to exchange on the night, has been running for over two decades(!) and creativity began once again!

I always seem to find myself in a last minute dash to get something else I need and underestimate the time it will take to make them…whilst others seem to be much more organised and calm – how do they do it?!

Once they’re made and the pressure’s off, I really look forward to the exchange part. It’s so great to see what people come up with, from something which is inspiringly simple and beautiful, to something like Charlotte’s engineering with a pop-up, light up Christmas tree!

It’s always so lovely to receive a gift which is unique, handmade & taken time and thought. I shouldn’t have a favourite as they are all lovely, but as usual I naughtily do! Judith’s card I loved, with its mysterious and abstract galactic image on the front, and swirling golden thread with a sparkly pom pom on the end inside. Small spirals of words brought it all together saying “Mrs Moon sitting up in the sky, little old lady rock-a-bye, with a ball of fading light, & silvery needles knitting the night” (Mrs Moon by Roger McGough).

This year it seemed there was a definite tree theme running in our subconscious…I wonder if that’s down to our new Welcome Area and the wall of windows and light, which look out across the campus and park?!

The cards of 2015:

So this is our last blog for 2015! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all here at WSA Library. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter still and we look forward to more posts and adventures in 2016!

You can see all of our cards on display in our Welcome Area at the Library.

Robynne Willowby, December 2015