Fine Art: Valentine’s Postcard Auction

With Valentine’s Day approaching this weekend, the Fine Art students ran a postcard auction on the theme of ‘love’.

All the postcards were on display in the WSA Café for potential bidders to view and over 60 cards were donated to the event. The artists create and donate the postcards anonymously, with the bidding for each starting at 50p, to raise funds for their end of year Degree Show – always an event not to be missed!

Catherine Polley (Site Engagement Librarian at WSA) lends her champion Auctioneer skills, blowing any librarian stereotypes out of the water! Here are a selection of some of my favourite postcards from the auction.

I knew before heading down to the Café that I would be hopefully buying one postcard, but Catherine’s comedic encouragement and the fun of the bidding wars carried me away and I left having won three! I couldn’t be happier with my wins though and glad I’ve managed to contribute to the funds for their show.


Catherine had two gavels, a regular one and one which was basically a rather large wooden mallet, for when the bidding went past the £5 marker! The  auction was a fantastic success with all the postcards selling and the highest selling postcard going for over £11, gaining an extra swing of the mallet!

Here’s some suggested resources in the library connected to ‘love’:

  • Robert Indiana: beyond love…..709.2 IND
  • How To Say ‘I Love You’ in Greenlandic: an arctic alphabet…..741.64 CAM (Artists’ Books Collection)
  • Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era…..709.046 GRU
  • Visionaire 38: Love…..741.64 VIS (Visionaires)
  • Art & Love in Renaissance Italy…..709.45 BAY
  • Love & Desire: Photoworks…..779.21 EWI
  • Picasso & Jacqueline: the evolution of style…..709.2 PIC

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter.

Robynne Willowby, February 2016