Easter Treats in the Library

It’s Easter week and as you look forward to your long weekend, we thought we’d give you an Easter themed blog!

Having hares on the brain from last week’s blog Exhibition & Sculpture Park at the New Art Centre’, we’ve found some rabbit themed resources, whilst also pulling out some other #hiddentreasures on the shelves.

Knitted Egg Cosies by Susie Johns can be found in our Knitting Reference Library (KRL). This book is a delightful series of knitting patterns to create egg cosy characters! From Halloween witches, animals and cute little sweaters to a carrot holding Easter Bunny! Find it at 746.432041 JOH in Library 2.


Eggs by Linda Sonntag is one of our #hiddentreasures in the library. A delightful pocket book holding various facts, myths, traditions, superstitions and tales about eggs in cultural history. From ‘The Witch’s Boat’ a Slovenian Gypsy tale, ‘record eggs’ – did you know the highest number of yolks found in an egg is 9?!, ‘Tricks with Eggs’ which unveils the secret of how Magicians used to conjure one egg after another from an assistant’s mouth and ‘The Cosmic Egg’, a traditional Chinese fable. Eggs can be found at 398.3 SON in Library 1…although I currently have it on loan as I love it so much!


An Egg at Easter: A Folklore Study by Venetia Newall looks in to the various aspects of folklore and mythology of the egg, from its religious symbolism in Christianity to witchcraft and magic, fertility and sacrifice. It looks at cultures from across the globe to bring ‘a study of the egg’s symbolic role in tradition and belief and of the underlying psychology which leads to the acceptance of so simple an object as a universal folk motif’. I love the Batik designs in this book and have been ‘blowing eggs’ ready to paint my own having been inspired! In many Eastern European countries, Easter is a celebration of colour and instead of eggs being hidden to hunt, they are hung and displayed with colourful designs. I thought I’d lay off the chocolate this year and give some creative eggs a go instead :0) You can find this book at 398.3 NEW in Library 1.


Here’s some other Easter related resources to tempt you:

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  • Splendid Isolation: Art of Easter Island by Eric Kjellgren  – 732.2 KJE
  • Rabbit by Run Wrake – 791.4334 RAB (DVDs)
  • Make a White Rabbit by Lucy May Scholfield – 741.64 SCH Artists Books Collection
  • The Private Life of an Easter Masterpiece – 759.5 PIE (DVDs)
  • Sarah Lucas – 709.2 LUC
  • How to Wrap 5 More Eggs: Japanese Design in Traditional Packaging by Hideyuki Oka – 745.5 OKA
  • Festive Folding by Paul Jackson – 736.982 JAC
  • Eggs by Andy Warhol – 709.2 WAR


From all of us at WSA Library, we wish you a lovely Easter holiday and will return with our blog at the start Spring term.

Robynne Willowby, March 2016