WSA Degree Show 2016

The WSA BA Degree Show 2016 was held on Friday evening last week. The Private View was buzzing with a full turn out for the opening and once again the students’ work surpassed my expectations.

BA Fashion and Textile Design:

Fashion & Textile Design is over in Westside, where the foyer is draped with numerous print and woven textile designs. Cushions, swatches, scarves and panels of their work are on display. The Fashion portfolios are in the studio upstairs, with mannequins lined up, displaying one of each students’ collection. In the lecture theatre you can see the screening of their London Fashion Show with the full collections.


BA Graphic Arts:

Graphic Arts is over in Eastside and spread over a few different studio spaces. Some of my favourite pieces were Katy Hill’s sensory video ‘REM’ and Xi Lin’s thumb print series. A number of the works challenge social and political issues, my favourite being a series of parody illustrations of Donald Trump by Isobel Sprules. There is a screening room of video work and some more interactive pieces in the studios.


BA Fashion Marketing/Management:

Again in Eastside, Fashion Marketing/Management have displayed their work on desktops. Portfolios of branding campaigns line the room with examples of their design work.


BA Fine Art:

Fine Art is spread across the school and…it’s my favourite! It’s so hard to write about just a few, as there are so many which I loved. From sculpture and photography to painting and installation, it just encompasses so much which I am passionate about. The sculpture studio has some beautiful installation work, from the very large such as the painting displays from Elaine Ford and Sharon Harvey,.to the very small such as Chester Frampton’s small figures.


You can find the Degree Show Shop in the Gallery on Westside, where you can purchase prints of some of the work on show, as well as yearbooks and other student pieces.

The Degree Show is on display at Winchester School of Art until Saturday 18th June, before moving to show in London. For more information about the Degree Show or the London shows go here.

You can read our blog about the WSA Fashion Show here.

Robynne Willowby, June 2016