WSA Library Celebrates World Book Day!


We celebrated World Book Day yesterday in WSA Cafe with various activities ranging from letterpress, screen-printing, mono-printing and the self-portrait drawing game, ‘Face-to-Trace’!

As in previous years the Library had a stand showcasing the Artists’ Books Collection, which this year focused on maps and cartography, to link with the current exhibitions in the Special Collections Gallery and the Level 4 Gallery at Hartley.Library.

We showed a variety of different formats represented in the collection ranging from  David Faithfull‘s concertina East Looking West,  Mike Nicholson‘s zine Every Man is an Island, and John Dilnot‘s box Coastal Journey.  We also brought along examples of former student work including Hilda Vaughan’s Shipping Forecast 1 and Christopher Jones’ A Key for Services Available. It was also a chance to show some of our newest additions to the collection, which included A Line Made by Cycling produced by Double Butted at Red Hot Press. For details of their courses, click here.


We have a number of resources in WSA Library focusing on aspects of maps and art – from the London underground to study skills mind maps! Some of these together with examples from the Artists’ Book Collection will form part of our next exhibition, Mapping, which runs from 7 March – 14 March 2017. Do drop by and take a look.

If you are interested in exhibiting in our exhibition space then do please email your proposal to



388.42 DOB



The exhibitions below are running until 28th April 2017.

Hartley Special Collections Gallery is currently showing Beyond Cartography: Safeguarding Historic Maps and Plans showcasing maps and plans from the Library’s Special Collections. The objects displayed in this exhibition were chosen not for their content, but to illustrate the special challenges they bring to conservators.

In the Level 4 Gallery, Cartographic Operations brings together three alternative views of mapping. Jane Birkin’s 1:1 is a direct mapping of infrastructure behind the white space of display; Sunil Manghani and Ian Dawson’s Not on the Map is an image-text installation using maps held in the University’s Special Collections and tracings from figurative works by Jenny Saville; Abelardo Gil-Fournier’s Marching Ants draws upon historical photographic sources relating to 20th century Spanish land reforms.



Robynne Willowby, March 2017