Loans Services: New for 2012/13

After a review of current loans policy earlier in the year, the University Libraries have decided to implement a number of changes with the aim of improving services for users. These include a more generous loan quota and auto-renewals and will come into effect at the beginning of the Autumn term:

Loan Periods

  • Currently, all loanable stock at WSA Library has either one week or three week loan periods. Whilst one week stock will remain unchanged, three week stock will become known as Long Loan. These items will be issued to two fixed dates each year: the first at the end of semester two and the second at the end of the summer vacation. We will continue to send you advance notice of items due for return or renewal.
  • Linked to the change in the long loan period, we will also automatically renew long loan items not returned shortly before the date due.

Loan Quotas

  • We are increasing the number of items you can borrow – Staff and Research Postgraduates will be able to borrow an unlimited number of items, Taught Postgraduates 20, Undergraduates 15 and External Visitors 10 (including one week loan stock).


  • Prior to these changes, items could only be renewed up to a maximum of 10 times. Renewals will now be unlimited (providing an item is not recalled).


  • To ensure in demand stock is circulated more frequently, items placed on hold will now need to be collected within 3 days rather than 7.

For further information, including some additional changes which only apply to Hartley Library, please see our website. Questions about the new policy? Email us at